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SEO-Friendly Websites: Navigation and Sitemaps

  November 11, 2013
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  Philip O'Hara
One aspect of a website that is relatively neglected is the navigation. While the navigation may not seem like a critical part of a website, it actually heavily influences user experience and can heavily impact rankings. So what is website navigation and how can web designers make it more SEO-friendly? How Do I Get Back Home? A website's navigation includes...

3 good reasons why internal links shouldn’t be ignored

  October 23, 2013
  Category :     SEO Link Building
  Philip O'Hara
Internal links are hyperlinks to another page on the website. When the reader clicks on a word or phrase, the user is taken to another page on the site. SEO writing protocols are a fundamental in Houston SEM companies. New content developers often wonder why there is a requirement for "x" number of internal links. After all, shouldn’t the focus...

Improving your Backlinking Strategy: Identifying Bad Links

  August 9, 2013
  Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   SEO Link Building
  Philip O'Hara
Have you noticed your website's rank take a slow dive into the depth of Google search results in the past year? This may be due to one of Google's algorithm updates, called Penguin. This update emphasizes good backlinks and punishes sites that have bad links coming to them. So what does Google deem as "bad" backlinks? This is essential if...

Houston Mobile Site Design: Helping Your Business Go Mobile

  July 19, 2013
  Category :     Mobile Website Design,   Mobile Website SEO
  Philip O'Hara
Mobile websites are specifically designed to work on the small screens of a mobile device. These websites are able to target customers when they are on the go; not having a mobile website means that you will lose out to a competitor who does. Here are some of the reasons you should spring for Houston mobile website design with Directory...

Are You Hanging Out in a Bad (link) Neighborhood?

  June 16, 2013
  Category :     SEO Link Building
  Philip O'Hara
When you were growing up, your mom probably told you not to associate with the wrong type of people or hang out in bad neighborhoods. Your reputation was at stake. Mom was right. People judge you by the company you keep and it’s hard to correct a bad public image. It’s never more true than in the search engine’s critical...