Houston Blog Posting Services

Directory One is a leader in Houston blog posting services. Blogging occupies a huge percentage of Internet presence. An increasing number of individuals turn to blogs to gain information as well as to learn more about specific companies. Plus, having a blog creates greater search engine visibility. The more places your website can be found, the better. At Directory One we want you to capitalize on this opportunity by allowing us to create and maintain a blog specifically for your business and your clientele. This kind of regular content marketing can help your website immensely.


We use the WordPress platform, which is popular for its user-friendly experience. The marketing benefit of WordPress is that it has an extended amount of utilizations, and the majority of Internet users are already familiar with it. Directory One can even train your employees on using WordPress and maintaining the company blog.


With a blog regularly maintained and updated by skilled SEO practitioners at Directory One, you will enjoy the benefits of having your online presence optimized. The blog will seamlessly blend into the design of your site, with the same logo, graphics, and overall feel. Of course, the specific layout of the blog can be adjusted to fit your needs. With over twenty years of design and blogging experience, you can trust Directory One to create and manage a blog that will not only bring you new leads, but keep your current customers checking back to your site frequently.

To get a complete list of the packages and services offered by Houston Internet marketing company Directory One, call our office at 713-465-0051.