Houston Specialty Video Services

Houston specialty video services, a division of Directory One, understands corporate and specialty video needs. Corporate videos may seem like a plain idea – film a training session, or a demonstration of a product, and post it for your employees to view. Typically, corporate videos are created for a limited audience, and the size and scale of the video depends greatly on the company’s budget. But as boring as it sounds, there are endless possibilities with corporate video and videos in general.

You might be filming for a small group of people, and that’s okay – you still want the viewer to have a good experience watching it. Video can be a very visceral experience, and as a learning tool, extremely effective. The key is to relay ideas and information that people can relate to. In order for the viewer to hold on to what they watched, an emotional connection has to be established.

The way to establish that connection is to tell a story. Show the product working and explain why a customer would need it in their lives. If your employees believe in what you are selling, they will become inspired and will have made their commitment to the product or service.

Of course, corporate videos can be for customers to view as well. If you want to film a video for your customers, or people you hope will be potential customers, remember to keep everything in the client’s perspective. Show what the clients care about, and how your company can solve their problems.


Directory One can not only produce and film corporate videos for your business, we can script, storyboard, and design them as well. First, we will establish a budget based on what you are hoping to accomplish in the video. We will work with you on creating a concept, including theme ideas and script possibilities.

Through tried and true production methods and values, Directory One can create a video that achieves your business goals. Video is an ever-evolving medium, and clients can count on Directory One to be quality consistent while tailoring to the needs of every client.