Houston domain registration

Directory One is a specialist in Houston domain registration. Choosing a domain name, the name of your website, is the first step in creating a web presence. In order to avoid Internet overcrowding, there is a process website owners must go through to finalize their domain name. Your name and business information must be added to the central registry of all domain names by an approved registrar, such as the Houston domain registration experts at Directory One. Only approved registrars have the ability to register domain names. It is important to remember that a good domain name is short, easy to remember, and above all, representative of your business.

How do you know if the name you want is available? Directory One can help you search for the perfect name for your website using a free domain web search tool. Once you have found an available name, we can register it for you, and get you started building the perfect website to go along with the name. Alternatively, if you know what name you want, but you aren’t quite ready to build the website, domain parking is highly recommended.

Domain parking is the process of buying and registering a domain name to return to at any given point. Because domain names are selling at such a rapid rate, the name you want probably won’t be available a month, a week, even several days down the road if you don’t register it. Once you have registered the name, we can park and save the name on the server, for you to return to when you are ready to build the website.

For questions on how to find the perfect site name and domain parking, call Houston domain registration company Directory One at 713-465-0051.