Houston Video Production Company

Directory One, a Houston video production company, creates video content and delivers a finished product, whether that be in the form of a television commercial, a corporate video, or a video clip for use on your business website. The size and scale of your production can range as well. Most small to medium sized businesses want to keep a reasonable budget and a realistic production schedule, regardless of what they are filming. In order for your video to be a success (and ultimately, to make you money), keep in mind a few simple guidelines.

Plan for a Concise Video

As tempting as it is to list every great thing about your company in the video, remember that people have short attention spans. Most marketing videos run between four to eight minutes in length, and if your video is for YouTube, plan for it to be even shorter than that, probably under two minutes. So when you are working with your marketing company to create the script, make a list of the most important things you want your audience to take away, as well as a list of lesser important things, just in case some of the fat has to be trimmed from the finished product. In addition, a concise video saves expense.

Make a Note of the Competition

Obviously, you want your video to be the best, to be the perfect representation of your products and services. Therefore, it never hurts to look at what your competition may be doing very well in their videos and marketing. While blatant rip-offs are never okay, noting and applying different styles and techniques will only help to improve your marketing campaigns.

Hire a Professional Production Company

Never trust your company image to a suspect video production company. The marketing specialists at Directory One are able to not only create a script and design a budget for your corporate or marketing video, but also can produce and film it as well. Contact Directory One, a top Houston Video Production Company, at 713-465-0051, and get started on the ideal video package for your company’s needs.