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Houston SEO Company Directory One explains the process of content writing and how to use it to so that your online web pages will have the best search engine optimization. Here is a checklist that shows how to have the most relevant content on your website.

The slug, the html, needs to be descriptive of the page keyword objectives and content.
The H1, the title tag, needs to match the slug so that the process may continue.
The H1 phrasing needs to be in the first paragraph this shows that the information continues to display the main topic and does not stray.
There needs to be a strong call to action so that people will be drawn to contact you because of your website.
The same phrasing needs to be in the last paragraph because the phrasing must stay consistent throughout the whole web post.
The sitemaps needs to include the same phrasing so that it links up with your webpage.
Finally the phrasing needs to be added to the SERP if all other steps are flowed then the new page should be available on the search engine results page or SERP.

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