Houston Search Engine Optimization and Search Ranking Placement

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Houston and around the world is a very effective approach to generate qualified prospective customers.

However, it is not the only way to generate targeted, qualified prospects and traffic to your website.

Buying ads on Google, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is also a highly effective method.

The difference is that SEO, provides traffic, visibility and qualified prospects without paying each time someone clicks on an ad listing.

Directory One, a Houston internet marketing company, will help with your search engine optimization and make it work to your advantage.

What is SEO? Houston Expert SEO Services

SEO is the mechanical process of making a website and web pages more easily accessible to search engines.

Search engines, as Google, Yahoo and Bing will find and index your content to satisfy the user search intent.

Search Engine Optimization considers how search engines work as well as the most popular keywords within a given time.

Keywords change in popularity constantly and it’s important to keep your site content fresh to reflect that.

Another feature of expert SEO services in Houston is promoting a site from within by the use of backlinks.

Backlinks direct viewers to different areas of your site where they can view other relevant content.

How do you do it? What process is involved in search engine optimization?

The first step in the optimization of a web page is to decide what keywords you want your business to be ranking under.

Directory One can determine what searchers are most likely to type in to a search engine to find a website like yours.

For example, if you own a website that sells real estate in Houston, how do you think user will type for?

“real estate houston,” “houston real estate” or a misspelling such as “huoston real estate”?

If you own a site that sells discount German books online are your clients more likely to type in “books online in german” or “cheap foreign books”?

If you provide marriage counseling are people more likely to type in “marriage help”?

Working with Directory One will help you find the most asked-for keywords relating to your business/website.

Not forgetting that we need to understand users’ search intent to help you convert.

Houston Search Engine Optimization Scenario

When your website appears towards the top of a Google search (below the paid placements), it becomes an authority.

Users are more likely to click on the 1st results of a SERP as they want fast and accurate results to help them solve a need.

Or on a more granular basis, if they search the keywords, “Mexican sunflower seeds Houston” and the link is to a secondary page on your website devoted to Mexican sunflower seeds that page will appear among the top optimized results under that phrase.

Those searching for that subject will be taken directly to that page in your site making it affectively a “mini-website” in addition to your main website domain.

Here’s where web design, marketing, and content are critical./

The consumer shouldn’t have to look any further, as they want quick and fast solutions.

They want to find a quick way to make a decision (buy, call, map, email, chat, etc.)

Search Engine Optimization in Houston or anywhere works best when it is paired with user-friendly navigation, high-quality content and updates.

Without forgetting that factors such as website speed or mobile friendly websites are also important.

Your professional Houston marketing company will help you to understand the many different advantages to designing an SEO-friendly site.

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