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What is Web Hosting

  August 10, 2023
  Category :     Website Hosting
  Directory One
Web hosting is a fundamental service that enables individuals and businesses to make their websites accessible on the internet. It involves providing server space and resources where website files, images, videos, and other content are stored and made available to visitors when they type in a website's domain name in their web browser. Web hosting companies offer various hosting plans...

Domain Registry of America SCAM

  December 6, 2013
  Category :     Computer Security Consulting,   Domains,   Website Hosting
  Philip O'Hara
If you are a website owner or operator, you're used to receiving notifications from your provider that your domain name registry is up for renewal. For most of us, each year we have to update certain properties on our websites: copyrights, hosting, and domain name registration. However,  if you had a third party marketing company, employee, friend, step-son, cat sitter...

Considerations When Choosing a Web Hosting Company in Houston

  July 26, 2013
  Category :     Website Hosting
  Philip O'Hara
If you are starting up a new site or simply want to switch over to another hosting service, there are a few factors you need to consider if you want to get the best service possible. Since most people are not very knowledgeable about the backend of a website, doing a bit of research before signing on to a contract...