How Can You Win in the Competitive Houston Search Engine Optimization Marketplace in 2019?

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Seeing your business appear in the top ranks of a popular search engine is a dream come true. But the fear of your rank being toppled by your competitor is a lingering fear, isn’t it? So, how can you maintain your hard-earned search engine rank in the dynamic online marketplace? Top Houston SEO and digital marketing experts suggest entrepreneurs must know the latest web trends to create SEO strategies that give them a competitive advantage.

Currently, 3 billion people use a smartphone on the globe and by 2020 the smartphone market will see a surge of 30 billion users. With increased smartphone use and Internet access, potential customers have a plethora of purchasing option and buying power. No wonder, small, medium and large businesses are trying hard to capture a fat share in their market niche. In 2019, businesses and customers will see some interesting web trends that were earlier just an idea, suggest search engine optimization in Houston. Read on to find out more.

Top SEO Trends for a Successful Business in 2019

Top SEO Trends for a Successful Business in 2019

Voice Search – Typing your query in the search box of Google, Yahoo! DuckDuckGo or Bing will soon be old fashioned. Now your words are enough! With the use of personal assistance apps and devices like Alexa and Siri, consumers get information quickly by asking verbally. If you are a service provider or a product seller then you can share information in form of answering questions. If it comes to solving a common problem or helping a specific group of people then sales copy, blog, and web copy can act as a great help to users. If your company can deliver the required information to a large group, then it can gain strong authority and validity among them.

Amazon Search – Today, Amazon with its improved search engine capability is giving a tough competition to the popular search engines like Google and Bing. The current SEO reports suggest consumers directly visit Amazon website and type their choicest product in the search box to retrieve information. This consumer behaviour focuses on SEO optimization, i.e., keyword optimization in the product description. Thus, a strong keyword optimization technique makes product searches easy and quick. Consumers can now compare similar products and read reviews before making a purchase decision. With such features, Amazon offers a better user experience.

Blockchain – This irrefutably clever invention from Satoshi Nakamoto is revolutionizing the way we conduct online transactions, today. As investors are gaining an interest in digital gold – cryptocurrency, blockchain technology adds transparency when cryptocurrency transactions occur. For businesses, blockchain enables users to create value and validate digital information. Hence, data will solely belong to the owner and online fraud will be prevented. Subsequently, entrepreneurs are adopting this new, secure technology for storing vital company and customer data on servers.

Quality Content- In the world of digital marketing content is king. Visitors arriving on your website are searching for information, and you must offer them precise and engaging content if you want them to be hooked to you. Quality content in the form of videos, infographics, thought leadership blogs, niche content and long-form content when offered to visitors help them stay on your web site and visit you frequently. And, that is a great way to encourage users for Link Building in Houston to improve your site’s SEO performance.

Keyword Trees – With Google algorithms getting smarter day by day, this search engine can find related keywords that are used in combination with the main slug. Thus, Google offers precise and niche industry knowledge to Internet users. Thus, finding rich content has become easy. Now, you can focus on user satisfaction instead of scrolling your mouse. For the businesses, it means frequent and quality visits that can convert into customers.


Stay up-to-date with these hot 2019 SEO trends to create effective SEO strategies that will take your business to new heights of popularity and success. Top search engine optimization in Houston can help you continue your tread.

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