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Houston SEO Website Marketing

SEO website marketingterms might be unfamiliar to some people. This is unfortunate because Houston SEO is so important to the success of your online ventures.  Houston Internet marketingcompany Directory One would like to help you understand the terms and jargon used in SEO marketing. Here’s the next installment of our glossary of common terms and phrases related to Houston SEO Services:

Glossary E

Earnings per Click
Earnings based on how much advertising publishers make from each click.

Editorial Link
Search engines count links as an indication of quality. Search engines count editorial links that were earned over links that have been bought or bartered.

The HTML tag used to emphasize text.

Entry Page
A user enters your site via the entry page.

Error page
A web page stating an error message such as “File Not Found”

Expert Document
Expert Documents are quality pages that contain links to many non-affiliated topical resources.

External Link
An external link references another domain.

Exact Match
This is a form of keyword matching where the search query must be exactly the same as the advertisement keyword.

Exclusive Advertising
An exclusive advertising contract allows advertisers to purchase all inventory on a given page or for chosen keywords.

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