Houston SEO Web Marketing Glossary A

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Houston SEO Glossary A

Houston SEO is critical to the success of promoting your business online, but many of the terms used in SEO can be unfamiliar or confusing to the uninformed. Houston Web Marketing Company Directory One would like to help you understand the terms and jargon used in SEO marketing. Here’s part one a glossary of common Houston SEO service terms and phrases:

Houston SEO Glossary All About the A’s

301 Redirect
301 redirects are often used by search engine marketers to redirect search engine spiders to a new webpage when an older one has been removed.

A server response code indicating that the requested page was “Not Found”

Above the Fold
Originally used to describe the top portion of a newspaper; in online marketing it means the area of content viewable prior to scrolling on a website.

Describes the relationship between words in a search engine or query.

Google’s advertising network. Google AdSense is an excellent way for a website to earn money by displaying Google ads on their content pages.

Adwords is Google’s CPC based text advertising – the paid ads that appear on their search engine result pages.

Click for sale – An individual or company that markets a merchant’s products or services and are paid only when an action occurs.

Affiliate Site
A site created for generating revenue from ads or links for companies or individuals the affiliate has a relationship with.

Age of Domain
Refers to the number of years a particular website has been on-line.

ALT Attribute
The ALT attribute is designed to provide information about an image or graphic in a text format that is easy to read for search engines.

ALT Tags
ALT tags are the text tags associated with a web page graphic, describing the image using good relevant keywords.

Analytics refers to the detailed statistics about the visitors to a website, collected by viewing a servers log files or by placing code on your website.

Anchor Text
Anchor text refers to the text that is used in a link. Anchor text is used by search engines as an important ranking factor.

Anchor Text Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization refers to the technique of placing keywords in the anchor text of your incoming links in order to rank better for those keywords.

As it relates to search engines, an algorithm is the set of rules that search engines use to rank the results of a search query.

Authority Site
A site that is deemed to be authoritative in a particular field or subject matter, or that is highly linked to and has a large amount of traffic. Links on Authority sites are desirable to link builders because of the value given to them by the search engines.

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