Houston Search Engine Optimization: Glossary D for Houston SEO

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Houston Search Engine Optimization

Houston Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an effective strategy used by search engine marketing companies to advance a website’s position on the SERPs. Many of the technical terms and jargon used to describe elements of Houston web marketing can be unfamiliar or confusing, making it difficult to grasp some of the key concepts of SEO. Houston SEO marketing company Directory One would like to help you understand the terms and jargon used in SEO marketing. Here’s another entry in our continuing glossary of common SEO terms and phrases:

Dead Link
A link that no longer functions.

Deep Link
A deep link leads to an internal page within a website.

Dedicated Server
A dedicates server is serves only one website or a small collection of websites owned by a single person. Dedicated servers tend to be more reliable and secure than shared servers.

Temporarily or permanently being dropped from a directory or search engine.

Statistical data or used to describe segments of a population. Some Internet marketing platforms allow you to target ads at websites or searchers who fit a specific key demographic group. Common demographic data includes information about the gender, age, income, and education of a specific population.

Directories and search engines provide a short description of a website to provide context for searchers.

Directories group websites into categories and provide site descriptions. With a directory, picking the right category and composing a description rich in key phrases will result in greater visibility.

Domain Name Server or Domain Name System. A naming scheme mechanism used to help resolve a domain name / host name to a specific TCP/IP Address.

Method used for logical or location organization of the web. May also be used to refer to a specific website.

Doorway page
A doorway page is a web page full of relevant keyword-rich copy whose sole purpose is to be fed to the search engines.

Duplicate content
Content which is duplicate or near duplicate in nature.

Dynamic content
Content which changes over time.

Dynamic Rotation
Dynamic rotation allows ads to be placed on different pages of a site, exposing users to a variety of ads.

Houston website developers Directory One is here to help you better understand the terms and concepts associated with search engine optimization and how they can help your business achieve online marketing objectives. Contact Directory One at 713-465-0051 to find out how this leading Houston SEO Company can help your online business grow through Houston Search Engine Optimization.

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