Online Press Release Benefits

  October 12, 2009   Category :     SEO Press Releases   Philip O'Hara

Online Press Release Benefits

Online press release benefits are numerous.  In addition to getting the word out in an equally professional and effective manner as their traditional print counterparts, online press releases are actually more helpful to your business growth than former styles of press releases have been to companies in the past.

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Online press releases receive instant circulation.  Immediately upon posting, your press release is distributed to a variety of media markets and is even picked up by additional websites and news reporters as time progresses.

Benefits of Press Releases

Press releases let your customer base know about the latest news about your company or organization.  They provide interesting tidbits of data that helps bring your business to your client’s minds above the competition.

When you use an online press release service, such as Directory One, you will not only discover that your distribution is better than that which a mere print press release could provide, but also will find that your on-line press release is an excellent search engine optimization tool.

Press releases are also one of the fastest ways that you can get your business message in front of the targeted segment of the public audience to most efficiently increase sales.

Optimized Press Release

At Directory One, our experienced writers will provide you with an optimized press release that will show up at the top of Internet search engine results as your clients utilize key term phrases when they are searching on their computer or through their mobile web services.

As any PR training will describe, press releases are a valuable part of any business marketing plan.  At Directory One, we are the top provider of press releases for Houston businesses.

When you use the press release services at Directory One, not only are you reaching the largest audience possible, but you are also increasing the credibility of your own website through back-links and by increased website visits as a result.  Your business website reputation is significantly enhanced and the benefits of this are numerous.

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