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  July 12, 2011   Category :     SEO Press Releases   Philip O'Hara

Houston SEO companies like Directory One know that a carefully worded optimized press release can be used to attract visitors to your site as well as promote your business in the traditional media.

A press release is a short news article designed to promote a business’s activities in the media. They are used to promote and attract attention for a wide assortment of recent or upcoming company events, ranging from new products and services, special events, sales and other financial information, as well as publicizing new hires, personnel promotions and awards.

A press release is a unique document with its own rules and format. Some of the common elements of a press release include: the headline (designed to grab attention), dateline (besides the date this also names the location the release is originating from), introduction (provides the basic information – who, what, when, where, how and why), the body (which elaborates on the information presented in the introduction), the “boilerplate” ( a short paragraph or two about the company and its background), media contact information (names, phone numbers, email addresses etc) and finally, the “close” (in America, this is usually expressed by -30- which indicates to journalists that the release has ended).

By carefully selecting and adding keywords and keyword phrases to a press release and posting them on your website you can attract the search engine with new content that’s specifically at attracting new visitors to your site.

Almost any SEO writer can create a press release that both promotes your business to the media and attracts new visitors to your site.  Companies like Directory One provide this and other SEO services in Houston. To get more information about optimized press releases contact Directory One at 713-465-0051.

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