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  August 22, 2012   Category :     SEO Press Releases   Philip O'Hara

Press release writing and distribution by Directory One can help draw attention to your business almost over night. An effective PR by a search engine optimization company is a sure-fire way to increase publicity.

How an Online Press Release can Help your Business

Press releases can contribute greatly to your search engine optimization campaign. A good press release writer can create an article that spreads news about your business to a wide audience. Press releases can facilitate brand-name recognition, aid consumer awareness, inform customers about a new product or service, and announce financial and industrial news. Moreover, Directory One’s quick and effective press release distribution allows information about your products and services to reach potential costumers within a few seconds. This approach allows for you to increase traffic to your site and can also improve your search engine ranking.

Inbound Link Building

One of the biggest advantages of a well-written press release is that it can generate inbound links. If the story is picked up by another website or news source, they will generally cite you by creating a link back to your website. Each time another site references or uses your press release, they will create a link back to your website. When these links come from a trusted and respected source, such as MSN or Google News, your search engine ranking can increase dramatically.

Press Release Services | A Full List

Houston search engine optimization firm, Directory One, can take care of your press release needs from start to finish. We offer professional copywriting services, press release optimization, and online press release distribution. Call us at (713) 465-0051 to see how we can help put your business at the tip of everyone’s tongue!

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