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Press releases that are well written are often picked up by a number of media outlets. These often become a viral marketing form of advertising that reaches a continuously expanding audience of consumers.

For a press release to be effective, the content must be optimized. SEO web content may be compared to a special code written specifically for the search engines to read. This code assures the search engines that your business information is legitimate and deserves to receive priority mention in customer search results.

Press release writing is in and of itself a specialized form of writing. An expert SEO writer must also have the additional press release standards and best practice training in order to combine the two genres of writing to create an effective and newsworthy press release.

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Articles provided through Directory One will promote your business in a number of ways.

We deliver article writing and distribution that includes:

  • Articles for your website
  • Informative and promotional articles for distribution across the world wide web
  • Articles for back-linking to increase your website exposure and credibility with search engines and consumers alike
  • Articles to target key words and key phrases that your customers are searching
  • Articles to target local customers
  • Articles that target customers nationwide and even internationally if appropriate for your marketing campaign


Blogging is a highly effective method of increasing business exposure, informing the public of your products and/or services and creating back-links to build your website credibility.

Building your website credibility is a key in receiving high ranks in major search engines.

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