Changes to Local Search Results

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Changes to Local Search Results

Changes to local search results are one of the many ongoing modifications that the Google team has been implementing based upon their little private room discussions that they apparently keep having daily.

The continuous stream of methodology and algorithm changes that Google, as the leader in the search engine industry by far, continues to implement, only reinforces the need for hiring the SEO services of Directory One, the leader in the Houston SEO service field since the dawn of the commercialized web world. Call your Houston SEO service at 713-465-0051 to ensure that you have long-term success online.

Local Search Engine Results

One important tool for providing regionalized results to help the consumer market to find companies that service their area is found in Google Maps.

The Google team made some changes over the past couple of months to the Google Maps listings which has knocked a large number of companies off of the Google Maps listings with the exception of the tiny word “in.”

All website design, website development, SEO, SEM, Internet advertising and related search terms are now no longer revealing business locations on the Google Maps when a searcher types in a term such as “web design Houston.” For some reason, the Internet gurus up in the Google offices have decided that people do not need local result listings when searching for web developers.

However, they are still displaying maps for company listings when the searcher types “web design in Houston” into the search engine query box. They rolled out these changes for the USA searchers and the Canadian searchers, but people who get online in various other countries around the world can still find local results without the inclusion of the “in” word.

The reasoning that they provided for this in the Google Maps Help webpage was pretty short and sweet. They basically say that it is part of their effort to better help the searchers get what they want, which is, of course, curious.

If an individual is seeking out the location of a web designer in Houston, apparently Google doesn’t think that they want to know where they are actually located anymore, unless of course, they use the term “in.”

SEO Services Become More Important

The result of Google’s daily changes to search engine algorithms, local search result listings, adword enhancements and more, is that anyone who is not entirely focused on the search engine industry and SEO techniques cannot possibly keep up with the trends of the times and therefore, cannot hope to maintain high search engine positioning long-term unless they hire an SEO service to monitor changes and keep their business website accounts up to date.

Ironically, while many web developers and SEO companies grumble across the Internet in various forums, all SEO companies are actually being assisted by these continuous changes that Google is making as they perpetuate the befuddling of the regular guys and gals in business.

It is also almost as if they are developing a web culture that steers more toward the survival of the fittest or the process of natural selection as only the SEO companies who truly know their stuff and are actively involved in the search engine industry can keep up with the changing pace of technology and ensure that their credible client companies are always available to their potential customers online.

All the “one trick ponies” out there in the SEO world are increasingly losing their credibility and success rates with each new change that Google and other search engines are instituting.

Call Directory One today at 713-465-0051 to make sure that your company is benefiting from a diversified SEO business marketing campaign employed by the SEO company that has continued to move forward and achieve top search engine positioning results for their clientele.  Our clients have enjoyed the long-term effects that generate leads and provide high sales conversion rates to maximize the ROI of their Internet advertising.

Changes to local search results are only a drop in the large bucket of ever-shifting search engine methods that make a huge difference to Houston companies in their SEO campaigns.

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