Bing Publishes Suggestions for Search Engine Ranking

  November 29, 2009   Category :     Internet Marketing News   Philip O'Hara

Bing Publishes Suggestions for Search Engine Ranking

Although Google is the leading search engine with the largest number of Internet searchers by a wide margin, there still are many, many of the public who use a variety of different search engines and MSN’s Bing is now the second most popular among all of the search engines.

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Keeping on top of the best SEO service practices and Internet advertising methods, we at Directory One make sure that we remain continuously informed of the importance pieces of optimization as they develop and change and for all of the various search engine companies.

Therefore, it was important to research when Bing came out, just what they would be looking for in choosing which company listings to put at the top of their search engine results listings. Not surprisingly, Bing looks for pretty much the same things that the Google crawlers pay attention to when deciding positioning for businesses online.

This is of course helpful in maintaining standards of best practice for optimizing websites and delivering Internet advertising to companies across Houston, TX that deliver maximum ROI (return on investment) for our client companies.

When I was reading one of the latest news snippets about the Bing suggestions for search engine ranking, one thing stood out to me that I think all businesses should take into serious consideration.

Houston Press Release Writing and Distribution

Bing specifically listed On-line Press Releases as one of the key considerations they look for when deciding who gets first place in search engine results. They mentioned that concise and informative press releases online were valuable and would provide back-links that they would consider to be credible above many other back-links out there.

At Directory One, our professional writing team is experienced in optimized press release writing that delivers maximum results for our clientele. Many times you will find press releases written by the expert web content writers at Directory One sitting in spot #1 of Google and other major search engine listings for relevant key phrase search results.

These press releases provide a wide array of benefits to companies through back-linking, search engine positioning, external Internet advertising, business credibility in the eyes of both search engines and Internet viewers, as well as spur on viral marketing like few other on-line advertising methods can accomplish.

Various hot Internet news channels pick up these press releases and report on them, sharing your company info with thousands of additional viewers beyond the reach of your business website’s listings. Yahoo News is one of the many examples of this. Additionally, there are a large variety of marketing websites that pick up the latest press releases and write stories about the new information parlayed in these on their different blogging sites and so on….

Directory One is the leader in Houston for press release writing, delivering more than half of all of the online press releases coming out of the Houston, TX area. We truly have no real or valid competition when it comes to press release writing in the amount of press releases that we put out and in the effectiveness of the press releases that we write.

Our clients are benefited by the large volume of press releases we distribute because it provides us with the opportunity to deliver the absolute best press release writing prices for national and local media press release writing that is distributed across the World Wide Web.

Houston SEO Services: Directory One Clients Benefit

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We are here always with the latest information and just like we are bringing you the information about Bing publishing suggestions for search engine ranking, we will continue to bring you the latest technologies in search engine optimization on all fronts so that your business will benefit from Houston Internet advertising through Directory One’s diversified business marketing plans right now.

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