Houston SEO Company Reflects on Google Penguin

  April 28, 2013   Category :     Internet Marketing News,   Website Marketing   Philip O'Hara

It has been about a year since Google implemented its Penguin algorithm update. As someone who works for a Houston SEO company, it is interesting to reflect upon how much has changed in the way internet marketing works since then. If you have noticed that your website has dropped significantly in search engine rankings over the past year, please call Directory One at (713) 465-0051.

Google Penguin: How Did It Change SEO?

This algorithm is specifically designed to punish websites that use “black-hat” SEO techniques, such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, intentionally creating duplicate content, and participating in schemes to boost back links. Google essentially reevaluated all websites and recalculated their ranking depending on the integrity of its SEO strategy.

For the most part, Google Penguin, in conjunction with Google Panda (an algorithm which down ranked websites with poor user experience), helped boost the ranking of easy to use and honest websites. By the same token though, many websites that had earned their top rankings in the beginning of SEO days — when some black-hate SEO techniques were the norm — were severely penalized.

Our Houston SEO Company can help you work with Google Penguin

A Houston SEO Company That Can Help You Catch Up

If you have had an internet marketing company design and manage your website, chances are you are not completely informed about the SEO strategies they used to get your rankings. If you have noticed that your website has drastically slipped in rankings over the past year, it is possible that your website may be using black-hat SEO techniques without you knowing about it.

At Directory One, we can diagnose the cause of the down ranking and develop and implement an SEO strategy that will improve your online visibility. Choose a Houston SEO company that is up-to-date with current search engine algorithms. Call Directory One today at (713) 465-0051.

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