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Tips for Using Natural Anchor Text

  May 3, 2013
  Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting
  Philip O'Hara
Houston writers spend a lot of time researching keywords and considering each variation carefully. You’ve done the same for your website. Then you hear that you should use those keywords as anchor text. But what is anchor text exactly? Anchor text is merely the words that you use to link to another page. The words contain the URL (http://) that,...

5 Original Writing Tips

  April 19, 2013
  Category :     SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting
  Philip O'Hara
There’s a lot of stuff out there on the internet. Most of the articles and blogs repeat each other with a slightly different spin. Not bad, but… Just about all Houston copywriters are guilty of predictable writing at one time or another. The latest Google algorithms give a lot of weight to original writing. The internet is evolving, and the...

What the heck is co-citation?

  April 12, 2013
  Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting,   SEO Link Building
  Philip O'Hara
Some SEO gurus think that co-citation in content is the wave of the future. Moreover, they’re saying that traditional keyword anchor text is on its way out. Maybe. We haven’t heard much about it in the copywriting circles here in Houston. So what the heck is co-citation? Wikipedia, in the article “Co-citation”, uses Henry Small’s 1973 article “Co-citation in scientific...

Great Business Blogging’s 5 Cardinal Rules

  April 8, 2013
  Category :     Blogging | SEO Blogging
  Philip O'Hara
Business blogging helps generate website traffic is common knowledge. Blogging allows small businesses compete with large corporations for a market share in Houston. But bringing up a blog is not as simple as WordPress and write. Your company’s blog is not just getting one of those free blogs and posting anything that enters your mind. It’s a little more involved. Business...

Use Natural Anchor Text to Reap Rewards

  March 29, 2013
  Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting
  Philip O'Hara
Natural anchor text is not forced. How many of you hate those over optimized pages? You know, those website pages where you see bold, underlined clickable link words every third or fourth sentence? Those hyperlinks are called anchor text, and they serve a purpose. Usually a copywriter will insert anchor text by means of keywords to serve as an authoritative...