How Guest Blogging Helps Build Business Traffic

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Many Houston companies want to know if guest blogging can really help their business. After all, it takes a little bit of time and creativity to develop good blog content. And then there’s the keyword research.

(Yes, Virginia, you should optimize your blogs).

So business owners wonder why on earth they should expend the energy, not to mention brain power, it takes to write a post for someone else.

Look at it this way. When you’re invited to guest blog, someone is acknowledging your expertise in your niche. It’s quite a compliment, but another major reason aside from you ego why you should consider such offers.

Houston holds a notorious position in the USA top 10 for traffic.

1. Guest blogging = Credible Authority = Traffic

In the world of search engine marketing, there’s something known as credible authority. It’s a fancy name for trustworthy expert.

Credible authority is synonymous with believability. If others believe you or your company, they will answer a resounding “yes” to 3 critical questions

  • Does the person/company know what they’re talking about?
  • Can I take what is said as the truth?
  • Can I trust what is said or the recommendations?

Bottom line: a credible authority is a trusted source.

Requests for a guest post (or several) confirm your admission to guru-dom. It shows that other people in your industry have confidence your expertise. They’re telling their visitors, yes, this person is trustworthy.

People are more likely to trust others their friends have confidence in. More people will visit your site because someone they trust has in turn vetted you. More trust equals more website traffic.

2. Guest blogging = Reliability = Traffic

There was an interesting 2007 credibility on the internet paper suggesting that reliability is more important than authority in cyberspace. While most of us don’t care much for reading through exceedingly dull research papers, this one came to a noteworthy conclusion.

Reliability may take precedence over authority because reliability sets your foot firmly on the path to trustworthy-hood.

The internet is participatory because it is full of choices. People have many options which sites to visit. Users also have the ultimate decision when it comes to credibility of the information. If your website is reliable, you have been consistently providing accurate information to your visitors. Accuracy is a trademark of an authority.

Visitors tend to view consistently accurate information very favorably, and will share the URLs to the information with their friends.  So reliability equals sharing equals more website traffic.

3. Guest blogging = Exposure = Traffic

Have you considered whether or not the folks that have asked you for a guest blog have more monthly visits than your site does?

If the site is getting more monthly visitors than yours, then you really should do the guest blog. Look at it this way – you are investing in exposure. People are naturally curious about topics that interest them. If they like you post, they will click over to you, at least to find out if you have even more pearls of wisdom.

You expand your potential viewership by guest posting. As more and more people find out about you, your site’s traffic should increase as long as you keep adding reliable, accurate, and on-topic thought-provoking information.

More exposure equals more traffic.

It all comes down to this: guest blogging can significantly increase traffic to your site. If people view you as reliable, a credible authority, and enjoy reading your posts, they are more likely to both share your site with their friends and return to your site again and again.

This in turn greatly helps you to get new customers, keep old clients, and convert the visit into a sale.

Exactly the type of Houston traffic you want.

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