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Are there blogs that you just can’t start your morning without reading?

They’re so good that you can’t wait to grab that first cup of coffee and start scrolling. Your favorite read may be a business blog, a lifestyle blog, or just a humorous blog that sees the funny side in commonplace events.

Have you ever wondered what makes them so good?

If you have a business blog, you’ve probably searched for and read about what makes a great business blog. You’ve incorporated all the recommended strategies – catchy titles, lots of images, social media icons – and probably a lot more.


You’ve read endless lists of secrets, tips, and tricks.

And it’s not working. You haven’t gotten followed or shared, much less gained new customers.

The truth be told, great business blogs don’t happen overnight.

What works is called engagement.

Most bloggers follow 6 cardinal rules. Basically, it’s the “secret” for a successful, engaging blog.

  1. Develop a target audience. How can you write if you don’t know who will be reading your blog? You must know things such as age and gender at a minimum to know why your visitor stopped by your webpage. If your growth strategy includes appealing to a new target market, start by writing your blog for a new demographic.
  2. Be real. There is nothing more boring than talking to the company front-man in a suit or worse yet, a machine. Who wants to cozy up to a machine? Be conversational and use plenty of metaphors, but avoid being overfamiliar. Going to the extreme in trying to establish a relationship with your reader makes you a stalker, someone that no one will want to hang around.
  3. Put reader’s needs first by writing on topics that interest them. The main idea is to get your reader to interact with you. Can you resist commenting or even asking questions about something that fascinates you?
  4. Be helpful. Do your readers have questions or need advice? The comment section of your blog is a great way to find new topics. Address readers’ issues, answer questions, and solve problems. Blogs with steps how to fix something, a comparative discussion of your products that give readers’ a solution to problems (this is called soft-selling), or just overall tips are always popular.
  5. Brand, brand, brand. Generally we think of branding as a company face, a logo, promises to customers, and how a company is different from everyone else. The real truth is that people bond with people, not companies. Carry your website theme (feel) over to your blog, but let your blog give your company a face and a voice.
  6. Blog the sweet spot. This is the intersection of what you know and what your readers want. If you don’t think you know anything, think again, because usually what your readers want is the most obvious – the basics. Don’t second guess the sweet spot.

Now get excited and start business blogging. And if you are looking for a little help – check out Houston’s Directory One for the experience to launch a great business blog.

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