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There’s a lot of stuff out there on the internet. Most of the articles and blogs repeat each other with a slightly different spin. Not bad, but…

Just about all Houston copywriters are guilty of predictable writing at one time or another.

The latest Google algorithms give a lot of weight to original writing. The internet is evolving, and the objective is to provide the searcher with fresh, new content, not your take on restating something else that is already out there. If you’ve noticed when you search and click on the results, many of the webpages say the same thing.

Who wants to read the same piece of information over and over and over again?

Tell me something I didn’t know already.

Original content brings additional value to visitors. Value means that you are giving the reader something he or she can use. Namely, you give them what they are looking for at that particular moment.

Consider a search on Siberian Huskies in Texas. You’re looking for whether this artic breed can withstand Texas’ hot summers. You think it would be important when considering getting a Siberian Husky.

You type in Siberian Husky Texas in your browser and click on the first result of your search.

  • Dogs originally from Siberia
  • Dogs used to pull sleds
  • Active, strong dogs
  • Dogs that talk by howling

Thanks for stopping by our page.
It’s not what you wanted, so you go on to the next result.

As their name implies, Siberian Husky dogs were originally developed in Siberia to pull sleds. They are active, strong dogs. Siberian Huskies are interesting dogs because they seldom bark. They communicate with each other, and with you, by low howling.

Now, would you call this original? It’s the same information in a different presentation format. Are you finding what you are looking for?


So how do you write original content? Or more importantly, how do you find a topic so you can create unduplicated content?

Here are some ideas to start you on the way.
1.  Ask yourself, what do people want to read? Think about what people are talking about in forums and on social media. Did someone leave a really crazy remark that got you thinking? You can always find something interesting and take an opposite position just for the fun of it.
2.  Think of a good question people might have, and then answer it. Start with something you might want to know about a particular subject – why is that, what is that, or how you might want to do something. A good question would be one of those that people don’t think to ask or don’t want to because they’re afraid of appearing uneducated.
Can Siberian Huskies Really Take Texas Heat?
3. Think of a creative headline, then write to it.
Running Circles with Siberians (instead of Siberians Run Year Round)
And don’t be afraid to change your title after you start writing if you find yourself going down a different path.
4.  Start by writing everything you know about your topic. This will stamp your blog or article with your perspective from the get go.  After you have it roughed out, fill in the blanks with research to back up your point of view.
5.  For goodness sakes, avoid surfing when doing your research. The more you surf, the greater the chance that you will end up with a blog much like something that is already on the internet. Your mission is only to get enough credible information to support your unique perspective.
It’s really that easy to write original content for your website. Just don’t overthink it. After all, you want to entertain your readers, not bore them with regurgitated information or a research paper.

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