Want to Ruin Your Homepage? Here’s How!

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Eric Brantner
SEO Content Writer

When people land on your homepage, what do they see? Does it make them want to move forward on your website to learn more about your company? Or does your homepage cause visitors to hit the “back” button?

A great number of the homepages I come across seem to completely miss the mark. Rather than being inviting, they come off as over-the-top and confusing. Here are some common homepage mistakes.

  • Trying to do too much – One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to try to do everything on their homepage. The copy on your front page doesn’t have to explain every single facet of your company in full detail. If it does, your visitors won’t stick around because it will be too overwhelming. Keep your homepage tight and focused while giving your readers enough information to help them keep moving forward.
  • Not optimized – Since this is an SEO blog, I have to mention the importance of optimizing your homepage and your entire site. If your homepage isn’t optimized, how can you expect anyone to find it in the search engines? Optimize your site for relevant keywords that will attract targeted traffic that’s easier to convert.
  • Poor navigation – If you want users to leave your website and never come back, present them with confusing navigation. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out how to find your way through a website Keep your homepage navigation simple to understand. You want to help your visitors move forward easily through your website. The easier you make your navigation, the likelier it is you’ll convert your visitors.
  • Impersonal – The copy on both your homepage and the rest of your website should connect with your target audience. The web is an inherently social medium. Don’t be too stiff and impersonal. Instead, connect with your readers on a personal level, and let them know how your company can benefit them. Personalized copy will separate you from the competition, and it will create a base of loyal customers.
  • No contact info/Call to action – If you want your homepage visitors to take an action, you need to tell them to do so. Maybe you want them to call you for a free consultation. Include an easy to see contact form that tells them to call for a free consultation. Additionally, you need to make your contact information clearly visible on your homepage. Don’t make potential customers dig through your website trying to find out how to get in touch with you. The easier you make it on your visitors, the better off you’ll be.

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