How Do You Know When You Have Enough Backlinks?

  May 7, 2009   Category :     SEO Link Building   Philip O'Hara

The short answer is you can never have enough backlinks.

Believe it or not it’s easier to know when you have enough money than it is to know when you have enough backlinks.

According to the answer to a reader question in a Houston Chronicle article by Scott Burns, “you know you are rich when more money won’t change where you live, what you eat, what you drive or who you sleep with.”

On the other hand, you know you have enough backlinks when your website or blog reaches number 1 in Google for the key phrases you have optimized for. You will, however, still need more backlinks to stay there. With that in mind, it would seem that getting more quality backlinks is virually a never-ending process.

Although Google page rank may not be as important to search engine rankings as it once was, it’s still ego boosting to see your site improve its page rank. So unless your site is already a PR 9 or 10, you’ll always need more quality backlinks – along with more quality content in order to hopefully improve your Google page rank.

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