Duplicate Content – What Google Thinks

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Duplicate Content – What Google Thinks

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The major search engine, Google, which has consistently won the battle of being the top most utilized search engine across the globe, has their own agenda.  What is this agenda?

Google is concerned with providing the most accurate results for any search performed at any time in their directory search engine.  Well…yeah….obviously, you are probably thinking.  But how many people truly think about this in detail?  In order to figure out what is best for ranking in the search engines, you must put yourself in the search engine company’s shoes for a moment.

If you have done any searches recently, you may recall seeing a message at the bottom of the search engine results page that states that some of the results were omitted from the search you are currently perusing.  Why would Google omit some of the results from the search?

One big reason is called duplicate content.  Google wants to provide a unique variety of results for the searcher based upon their key term search.  They know that if they fail at this, searchers will look elsewhere.

When the Google crawlers identify web pages as having duplicate content, they omit those results because they do not want their searchers to simply discover one listing after another that is all the same.

Their procedure for identifying duplicate content involves more than just the actual text in the page.  It also includes looking at the url to help spot pages that are actually the same but which have different extensions.  To help work on that portion of this topic, you will want to get your IT crew working on the various methods of ensuring that only one url contains the majority of the link juice for each page of content, but right now you too must be aware of a few details that are not so techy in nature.

What choices have you made for populating your website with quality content?  It is extremely important to note that the search engines find it rather annoying when companies choose to copy content from another website in order to populate their own website with data and text.  This kind of behavior makes it even more difficult for the search engines to provide unique content in the search results.  They have therefore, established crawling methods to identify when a company is doing this and will often omit this company’s website from search results or dramatically push it down the list.

The fact is that if you want your company to show up in top search engine results listings, you must regularly add content to your site to show that your site is not entirely static and out of date with regard to any useful information.  You must also make sure that all of that content is of some value and is unique.  Unless you are a web content writer yourself, or unless your business is very slow, you will not have the time to consistently maintain your website content and you do need a professional to maintain your site and ensure that you are not being pushed out of Google search results due to a lack of fresh and original content.

Remember when you receive these articles from the web content writers at Directory One that their two main purposes are to keep your website active and to drive traffic to your website from specific key term searches and with original content in order to prevent your company from being put into the cyber corner by the major search engine, Google, or any others.

Get quality content that is effective for helping your business rise to the top of search engine results listings.  Avoid duplicate content and avoid getting on Google’s bad side by calling Directory One today at 713-465-0051.

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