Current Events: Keyword Rich Content Material?

  April 10, 2008   Category :     SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting   Philip O'Hara

Author: April Hall

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One of the most effective ways to increase internet traffic to your website is to incorporate keywords related to current news, weather or entertainment events. Many website content writers simply do not realize the treasure trove that lies in keeping up with current events. With a little creativity, you can work in keywords that relate to political and news events, driving people to your site who may otherwise have never noticed it.

So, how can you use this somewhat “sneaky” strategy to increase your site traffic? Try perusing your local newspaper (or, of course, some internet news sites) for current news stories that may be indirectly related to your company. For example, a popular story on hazardous FEMA trailers can become the ideal article for your environmental consulting company. Or, a news cycle on Senate hearings on drugs in baseball is a clear call for content for a sports equipment company. Just about every business can find timely current events for content material; it just takes a bit of “thinking outside of the box”.

One word of advice for content writers who may be thinking of ways to incorporate current events into their copy: remember to always figure out ways to link readers to other areas of your website. It does you little good to have users take advantage of your current event content if they are not encouraged to further explore your site. Find appropriate opportunities for links to other pages–preferably your sales pages! The ideas for SEO rich content can be almost endless when you look for inspiration everywhere from the tabloid in your supermarket checkout line to the Weather Channel.

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