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Affordable search engine optimization company in Houston, Directory One, has been delivering the best, credible SEO services and web design services businesses around the Greater Houston Area and even across the U.S. for about 20 years. Please call (713) 465-0051 to discuss your business marketing needs with the professional team members who effectively provide their client companies with advantages over the competition on a daily basis.

Reputable SEO companies in Houston who really know what they are doing and get the results businesses need and pay for can be few and far between. Outrageous guarantees are often made just to get client companies into an SEO contract for a year of services where very little may happen and the results are often far less than tangible.

It’s extremely important to be certain that you are using an SEO firm in Houston that is experienced and skilled in their profession in order to receive any kind of return on your investment. If the claims you hear sound too good to be true, they just might be.

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Remember that it takes more than just exposure to sell, but that exposure is the first step. If your SEO company is not even giving you that first step under a variety of key phrases, don’t let yourself remain a victim. If you have an SEO company in Houston helping you and you are showing up under a variety of important key phrases, which should be both long-tail terms and shorter terms (Remember, precision marketing is most effective, making long-tail terms with a number of words in the phrase very important for increasing sales..) and you receive sales pitches from new companies talking about the thousands and thousands of dollars more you will instantly earn by receiving their services, make sure you evaluate exactly what they are going to be doing for you before you make the switch.

Even some of the smartest business owners often fall prey to the wild and outlandish claims of the many SEO marketers who contact them because we all want to “believe” we are going to win the lottery with any new service we put our money into.

When considering whether or not a Houston search engine optimization service is affordable, consider a few important points.

1. Any price is too high when there is zero return on investment.

2. How much would you pay a full-time employee to provide the same services, for their continuing education to be able to provide the same services and consider the benefits package you would also need to provide a full-time SEO employee with.

3. Do you want to show up in a wide variety of searches or just under only one key phrase? You have to listen very carefully and read very closely because many wild claims are based entirely on only one key phrase. This limits your potential sales dramatically and you will only feel like you are receiving stellar SEO services if you allow yourself to be blinded by your SEO company to only paying attention to this one search.

4. Results are more important than anything. This means, are you on page 1 of Google or are you actually getting phone calls and sales?

5. Your business methods, the customer service you provide, as well as the actual web content on your site are all just as important as showing up on page 1 of Google in order to actually increase the sales you are receiving as a result of your online marketing campaign. You have to provide genuinely credible business products and services and provide excellent customer service in order to effectively compete because just getting the calls won’t keep your business alive.

To thoroughly discuss the best methods for increasing your sales through search engine optimization company services in Houston, Texas and online marketing, please call the experienced professionals at Houston’s best SEO Firm, Directory One at (713) 465-0051.

We can provide you with real-time results to prove our high success rates and we have the experience with your particular industry to help you develop the appropriate online marketing campaign for your business. Call today!

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