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SEO positioning is critical for Houston businesses who wish to remain competitive with the increase in Internet technology usage by the mass population of our great state. Please call 713-465-0051 to speak with the Internet Advertising Specialists at Directory One today and find out more about how your business can grow through the use of online marketing campaigns that work!

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What is SEO Positioning?

When someone mentions the phrase “SEO Positioning” they are likely speaking of the spot on the search engine results page (SERP) where a specific website is noted and linked to from the search engine companies Google, Yahoo or Bing. While more than 65% of all Internet searchers seek to find their information by visiting Google’s main landing page, many people are still concerned with showing up on Yahoo or Bing for reaching the other 15% – 25% (fluctuating figures) of potential customers looking for their products and services. Therefore, the term SEO Positioning, as it may have been mentioned to you, qualifies for all of those search engine companies and any others existing as well.

The reason this would be called SEO Positioning, instead of search engine positioning or online positioning, etc. would basically be in reference to the fact that SEO services and methods are the ways in which a company is more likely to reach page 1 of Google or other search engine result pages.

There are a vast number of methods in use today that are categorized as search engine optimization (SEO.) Optimizing your business website directly and increasing the number of links reaching your website are the main types of SEO that most people are acquainted with. While all of the details involved in search engine optimization and positioning may still be a mystery to a large number of business owners, the need for online business marketing services rarely is anymore.

Finding information about how to optimize a website is no longer difficult in part because a simple online search will return a significantly large number of informative results. Unfortunately, what is not always made clear is the vast amount of time required to perform these tasks, as well as the very serious importance involved in continuing SEO services for the life of your business.

Marketing and advertising is well known for being a cornerstone of lead generation and business development. However, it may still take some time yet for the vast majority of businesses to place SEO services on the very same level as conventional forms of advertising such as print ads, telemarketing services, television commercials and billboards.

A bit of research will reveal, however, that Internet advertising can often return far greater results in terms of exposure and success rate as it relates to increased profit. The term “Location, Location, Location” now has a more complex meaning as virtual location has been beating out the importance of physical location on a number of levels for achieving significant business growth steadily and surely.

Please contact the SEO positioning experts at Directory One by calling 713-465-0051 to learn more about receiving assistance with the development and execution of an online business marketing plan to fit your company’s precise needs for marketing in today’s commercial marketplace.

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