Directory One Grows to 25 Employees and Contractors

  February 10, 2007   Category :     SEM Companies | SEO Companies   Philip O'Hara

Directory One will add its 25th person to the company roster this Monday. He is a friend of Jeremy, a recent employee, who has shown how he deserves to be thought of as an SEO expert himself. Directory One will add blogs for most of the 25. Each person that helps Directory One will be able to post to a blog daily. They will also be able to publish articles once a week about what it his he or she does for Directory One.

Directory One wants to be the main provider for hands on search engine marketing blogs and search engine marketing videos. Search engine marketing touches every aspect of our online business. Even the web hosting Directory One does is SEO friendly. Directory One assigns a full IP address for accounts that it hosts and optimizes.

Directory One gives its web hosting away with the optimization or website design packages it sells. Free domain names are also available to Directory One customers.

Directory One’s claim to fame is how it answers our phone all the times. With the installation of the new phone system, we are still figuring out how it works. We want to answer you directly, so if you ever get our recording, dial O and someone will usually answer you right away.

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