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  March 10, 2007   Category :     SEM Companies | SEO Companies   Directory One

Author: Philip O’Hara

Today’s post is happening during a Video we are doing to help Web Designers and SEO people learn how to get their sites ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Jeremy Brake, Josh Cornett, and Amir Zaman are teaching us the ropes.

Amir is teaching the Internet Marketing or SEO class at Rice starting next week, so five of us joined him to make sure his course work was smooth. He is ready. He is one of the best read people I know. Directory One, Inc. is lucky to have him as part of our team.

Jeremy taught us about PHP forms and Josh trained us on how to build CSS. Josh covered the div tag, suckerfish, a IE 6 java script fix for suckerfish menu and navigation. I look forward to the SEO world finding out who we are at Directory One, Inc. In the future you can go to for our video series. We have 2 to post so far, and our hope is, as time permits, to eventually add to them monthly. In the future, also look for updates on our newsletters and our Biography pages.

Pemanent 301 redirects were also part of the study program today. You have to go into the htaccess file through an ftp program, you connect to the htaccess file and download it to the desktop, and then hit edit it. All Website Redesigners need this information.

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