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  August 6, 2006   Category :     SEM Companies | SEO Companies   Philip O'Hara

Louisville, Kentucky will have a force in the search engine marketing business open an office in the eastern part of town at 264 and Shelbyville Rd. Directory One is one of the quiet secrets in the SEO business. Neither Philip O’Hara or Sean Odom have not been outspoken about their accomplishments until now. Directory One has revenue’s that reoccur will be over a million dollars this year.

It is hard to believe that a million dollars of seo work is only a fraction of a percentage of the total amount spent on seo each year. The last figure I have seen is 600 million dollars will be spent on optimization this year or last. I would love to see our company get 1% of that marketshare in the next two years. We will need partners though. Many web design partners in Houston have carried us to the million dollar mark.

Directory One’s packages start at about 500 a month and go up to 5K a month. These are current seo packages with ppc and organic work being done on your site monthly. The search engine optimization packages includes content, linkage, press releases,and on page optimization.

Directory One helps the better business bureau with their search engine marketing and their members who have pages on the reliability mall site in Houston and will be working with the Louisville BBB as well.

It is exciting to be opening a office in my home town. It means I will get to spend more time with family too. Shaun Tinnell will be the lead sales representative in Louisville and Lize Reed will be the General Manager of the Louisville operation. Lize has already opened the office and is in the process of getting it furnished. The phones and internet will be installed this week. Now the work starts.

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