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Website content writing is hard work. Your creative juices are flowing, but it seems like little things such as keywords, site maps, links, tags, and various other search engine optimization (SEO) considerations keep getting in the way. After all, you do have a vision of your completed masterpiece.

You may be new to content writing, or maybe not. You may be skilled in writing business plans, procedural manuals, grant proposals, white and/or other technical papers, so you thought writing for websites would be more or less a walk in the park. You dive right in, not realizing that the backward triple twist you are planning to execute takes practice.

Website Content Writing & Search Engines

Writing content for websites has another detail to contemplate.

What will make you persona non grata in the search engines?

Your reputation is on line, and you certainly don’t want to have your website, or worse, your client’s website, banished to the cyberspace black hole.

As the internet became popular, people putting up websites realized that there were tricks that increased their visibility in search results. A user would click on a link and land on a site that was completely different from the topic they were searching. If you remember the 1990s, you recall your frustration.

Search engines have gotten very sophisticated since then. They are making sure that users land on pages relevant to their searches. It all comes back to the search engine’s credibility. Google is very explicit, telling you how to write content for websites and providing content quality guidelines.

Website Content Writing – 3 Major Things to Avoid

If you don’t want your website blacklisted from the search engines for life, you should avoid using

  1. Plagiarized content (also called duplicate copy) – copying previously published either verbatim or with small word changes from another website
  2. Keyword stuffing – overabundance of 1 or more keywords in your copy
  3. Cloaking – you see a different link result (file) than the search engine sees

Website content writing is different from any other form of writing. It takes skill and experience to get your pages ranked high enough so potential visitors can easily find you. If you feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew, contact Directory One in Houston. They have expert content writers ready to assist you.

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