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  February 12, 2009   Category :     Domains   Philip O'Hara

Let’s face it. Most of the good domain names are long gone. Certainly all the two, three, four, and five letter, single category words, like books, for example, are long gone.

I myself have long been an advocate of saying exactly what you do and where you do it in your domain name, which certainly explains why many of the ever-growing Directory One companies, for example, Around Houston Web Design and Houston TV Commercials have the domain names they do.

All is not lost, however. There are three domain research tools out there that can still help you find that perfect domain name.

There’s even a branding agency, called Brand Bucket, that will essentially make one up for you from a word or two that don’t even exist yet. You know the kind of domain name I mean, like google, yahoo, or twitter, for example.

There’s obviously still an interest in domain research as indicated by a recent post on Winning the Web entitled, “The Incredible Value of an Exact Match Domain Name,” that made it all the way to number one on Sphinn this past Tuesday.

“Today I want to go over exact match domain names and explain to you why they’re so valuable. In case you’re not familiar with the term, an exact match domain name is basically a domain that contains only the targeted keyword for a business. For example, and are exact match domains.”

In fact is little more than a parked page filled with adwords, but it still receives thousands of visitors every day because of type-in traffic. And “in the recent past, sold for $2.75 million, for $7.5 million, and for $14 million.”

Now why didn’t I think of registering any of those fifteen years ago?

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