Tips for Strategic Domain Name Registration

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Picking a domain name is the first and one of the most important steps in setting up a website. A strong domain name needs to be recognizable, catchy, and memorable. As a search engine marketing company,  Directory One can help you select and purchase the right domain name for your business. For more information about domain name selection and registration, please call Directory One at 713.465.0051.

Domain Name Selection Strategies

Selecting your domain name depends on your budget and your marketing strategy. You need to ask yourself if you are looking to attract traffic with your domain name or launch a new brand name.

If you are looking to lure in a lot of traffic, you need a search engine optimized domain name. Think of what keyword phrases potential visitors would use to find the services or products you offer. For example, if you are building a website for an auto shop located in Bethesda, Maryland, an effective website domain name would be Having these keywords in your domain name is a sure-fire way to boost your rankings in search results. When coupled with well-developed and relevant content, a domain name that includes keywords is an integral part of a cost-efficient search engine marketing strategy.

On the other hand, a domain name is also a great way to establish a brand name. Websites like Amazon and Flickr do not denote what they actually do. Instead they are effective because they are catchy, evocative, and easy to remember. Unfortunately, this approach can be slightly more expensive because it requires paid advertisements to popularize the site.

Basic Tips

There are some strategies that work well for both brand-name or keyword-focused domain names. Generally, domain names need to be short and sweet. This helps minimize errors when someone is typing in your domain, which could send a potential visitor to another website.

Short URLs are also a bit easier to remember. Having a domain name that can be easily remembered (and easily typed) greatly improves the chances that your website will be shared through word-of-mouth.

Moreover, you want to aim to find a good .com domain name. Usually people buy a .net or .biz domain name because the .com version is already take. A potential client may try to find your sit but use .com instead, which would funnel them right to your competitors website.

For more tips and help with domain name registration, please call your professional Houston search engine marketing company at 713.465.0051.

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