DNS Services – Another Misleading Solicitation

  December 11, 2013   Category :     Computer Security Consulting,   Domains   Philip O'Hara

Working in the world of web may typically require you to be well educated and a quick problem solver. However, getting a solicitation from DNS Services could trick the best of us into paying a bill we didn’t actually accrue.

DNS is a common term known by most web gurus, an acronym for domain name system, possibly making their letter seem legitimate at first. Not sure yet? Their website may convince you even further that they don’t mean any harm. How could a website with a sleek and modern design be trying to trick you out of money?

This is no new trick, it is your run-of-the-mill white rabbit hat trick that scamming domain name registration companies pull to try to gain new customers. You may received a letter in the mail from DNS Services in Vancouver, WA addressed to you or your company informing you that this letter is a “Final Notice” to pay for your domain name services.

This is a lie. Unless you are 100% positive that you use DNS Services, be extremely cautious about paying any amount of money to them.

Without any other explanation, this must be the scammiest method of trying to acquire new customers. At least the similar companies that send out misleading letters will have a statements like “this is not a bill” somewhere on the letter. DNS Services offers no such relief for those who read carefully. The letter appears in the format of an invoice and gives all the right information to try and appear as accurate as possible.

A quick search for this company will yield results that indicate the distrust that should be held for DNS Services. The company’s Yelp page is filled with negative and a few angry reviews.

Be safe out there on the internet and when reading your mail. Directory One always tries to keep our clients and friends safe on the internet by updating our blog with information on any scam related to the web.

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