Social Media Marketing: Advertising on Facebook

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Social Media Marketing Advertising: Facebook

Facebook has struggled mightily to find ways to monetize its huge network of users (and the huge amount of information that it collects about those users.) Facebook advertising is perhaps the platform’s most successful method of monetization to-date – and it promises a lot; but does it deliver?  Is Facebook advertising a valid vessel for your social media marketing budget?

Facebook Advertising: Platform Strengths

Facebook goes beyond what Google offers by providing targeting options based on the information users provide about themselves within their profiles.  This means that it is possible for a deep sea fishing supply store to target individuals who have listed “fishing” as a hobby or interest.  When you add this information to broader demographical information, it is possible to ensure that your advertisement hones in on a specific audience. For example, if the fishing supply store is sponsoring a “Father & Son Fishing Tournament” –it would be possible to ensure the ad only appears for Facebook users who are: male, living in the Houston are; and have an expressed interest in fishing.

Facebook Advertising : Platform Weaknesses

The tremendous ability to target users on Facebook appears to give it the advantage over Google ads – but there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind:

  • Demographical Limitations. Facebook’s user-base is constantly growing and the most rapid growth is among those ages 35- 50. Despite these undeniably alluring numbers – it is important to keep in mind that a.)Older users may have profiles but tend to spend less time actively on the site; and b.) Potential clients of certain demographics may be more concentrated elsewhere online.
  • The “Walled Garden Effect” of Facebook. In many ways, Facebook mirrors an intranet. While users can easily navigate back-and-forth between Facebook and external sites; observed behavior demonstrates that users of Facebook tend to prefer to remain within the “walled garden” of Facebook versus being redirected to outside websites. While there are exceptions to this (Facebook Share & Facebook Connect come to mind,) in general companies will have more success with advertising if they can keep users within the garden of Facebook.  This means having an ad campaign that redirects to a Facebook page vs. redirecting to a homepage. For many companies, this is not optimal – especially since most have not invested in creating a Facebook presence that is well-branded and mirrors the content of their home site.

Social Media Marketing Advertising Campaigns Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Each company’s social media marketing needs and advertising goals differ. Consulting with a social media marketing company in Houston provides you with information and help you need to map your your specific social media strategy.

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