Social Media Marketing: Avoiding Culture Shock

There’s a statistic that’s floating around Powerpoint presentations these days that points out that if the population of Facebook were an actual country, it would be the fourth-largest in the world . A stunning statistic – and one that can help me illustrate a point. You’d do well to treat entering the world of Facebook or Twitter much like you would entering a foreign country: hire a guide; visit with people that have been there before you; and learn the language. Too many businesses are over-eager to get their social media passport stamp. The result is either a poor-impression on the locals – or culture shock for the brand in question. Either way, it’s a missed opportunity for a business to connect with customers in a powerful way.
Here’s a Twitter example: Brand X creates a profile and logs on without investigating Twitter or mapping out a strategy. How hard can it be, right? Brand X assigns someone in communications to do the tweeting to ensure the tweets remain on-message. And sure enough, the Brand X message starts going out on point with with tweets like :

“ Did you know that Brand X contains no trans-fats or artificial flavorings?”

Or “Brand X just released a new, tastier, version of product Z! Check it out!”

Soon followers start dropping like flies. Overwhelmed by corporate-speak & underwhelmed by the lack of personality. Perhaps before clicking “unfollow” – one Twitter “local” could be kind enough to tweet

“ Dear, @brandx : Twitter is not for incessant promoting. Try interacting a little or you become #irrelevant and #annoying”

While there is no Rosetta Stone for instantly understanding the culture of social networks –the most important thing you can remember is that monologue has been replaced with dialogue. Don’t let this scare you – think of it as an exciting opportunity to have a legitimate conversation with your customers. Real interaction should lead to real results. A consultation with a social media marketing agency that is immersed in the culture of social media and its many platforms will go a long way in getting you off on the right-foot with your customers . Think of a Houston social media marketing company as a local guide who speaks the language.

Social Media Marketing : Mapping out a Strategy

In addition to making sure your brand doesn’t fall victim to culture shock – you should also map out a strategy. In next week’s blog, we will talk about the 5 things to consider when creating your company’s social media marketing strategy.

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