Social Media Marketing: Why Just “Being There” is Not Enough

You’ve probably heard that you have to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve probably also heard a success story or two about some lucky business and the YouTube video that put them on the map.  But is social media some sort of magic tonic that will instantly help your business get more customers? Is it really as simple as just “being there” when it comes to social networks?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that social media marketing in Houston is just like traditional internet marketing in Houston – it must be done smartly to have an impact. So what is “smart” when it comes to your social media strategy?  I’ve marinated on this question for a couple of days now, and I’ve come up with three suggestions for a savvy (and successful) social media campaign.

Social Media Marketing Rule #1: Know Your Strategy

It’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of all that social media marketing can mean for your business. It’s also easy to view other people’s success stories through the lens of the particular tool (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,) that they used to accomplish that success. While these platforms do provide a unique and exhilarating way to connect with your customers – we can’t lose sight of the fact that they are the means, not the end.  Just as owning a lawn mower won’t ensure that your grass stays short; neither will merely having a social media presence ensure that you are connecting with your customers. Social media is a tool – what’s your strategy for leveraging that tool to meet your marketing goals?

Social Media Marketing Rule #2: Know Your Tools

While we can speak of social media marketing as a tool – we might go one step better by envisioning all of the different social platforms and capabilities as individual tools on our social media marketing toolbelt.  Just as a wrench performs a different task than a screwdriver ; so does a Facebook application perform a different task than a blog.  Once you understand your strategy and the tools available to you – you’ll be able to truly utilize these “social tools” to meet your goals.

The challenge is that (unlike a screwdriver,) the capabilities and facets of different social tools change on a regular basis. Social networking platforms like Facebook are constantly adding new functionalities such as “business pages” to help their users make the most of the site.  Additionally, third-party developers are getting in on the game and regularly creating new utilities and services. This turns our straightforward “screwdriver” into a virtual Swiss army knife of capabilities.  While this is exciting – it can also be overwhelming.  Consulting with a social media marketing company in Houston can provide you with the necessary insight on what “social tools” are available to your business. You might be surprised by what can be done!

Social Media Marketing Rule #3: Keep at it

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses making in the social media arena is the failure to maintain their presence.  This comes back to the notion that “being there” is not enough.  Engagement and conversation isn’t just a benefit of social platforms – it’s actually a requirement.  You will only reap the valuable rewards of your social media presence if you actively maintain it.

This third suggestion may be the hardest for some businesses to follow through on. Time and energy are premiums– and making the most of your social media marketing can take up both.  Working with a Houston social media marketing agency can help you save time and energy by assisting with your social media campaign on a regular basis.

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