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  June 10, 2011   Category :     Blogging | SEO Blogging   Philip O'Hara

Houston Search Engine Optimization Consultants at Directory One encourage clients to attract reliable, interested customers to their website through blogging. Blogging can be a great way to showcase your business’ services, cutting edge developments or newly trending topics. For example, if you are a Houston Door Company, your blog is an excellent place to showcase recently completed projects.

Blogs are already set up to be search engine friendly through tags and categories. Use them. Google recognizes those tags and factors them into search engine terms for your site. Keep your tags at five to ten and direct them at the blog post content– if you exceed this limit Google spiders may be wary of the blog trying to attract irrelevant traffic. Tags and categories are also a great way to drive blogosphere traffic to your site, since they link blog readers in through trending.

If you want to drive closely targeted customers to your blog and website, include search terms in the post title, URL, and link important words to earlier blog posts. Set these links to open in a new page if you can, so visitors can easily navigate back to your page to explore additional content. Remember to put keywords in the alt tags and titles to photos and videos in your blog too. To learn how to identify relevant keywords for your site, please consult this Houston SEO Service post on keyword research. An SEO plugin for blogs can help integrate the keywords into the post’s metadata.

Once you are publishing optimized posts to your blog, posting your content to forums and blog comments can help people find your brilliant ideas. Another way to improve your blog site is to submit it to a number of excellent blog directories. Directories make your blog readily available to surfers who are mixing, stumbling, digging, and bookmarking cyber sea treasures. These inbound links can greatly help your sight’s optimization by anchoring it to offsite relevant content and increasing the flow of traffic. Post to social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook to tie the blog post in to your social network.

When it comes to Houston writing for your blog, always remember the principle quality content over time. Make sure to regularly update your blog. Google reads consistency as reliability, which improves your ranking. If you are really excited about your business’s new blog and love to write, go ahead and write those riveting, targeted, search engine optimized blog posts and save them to the blog as drafts to be uploaded later when you don’t have as much time to write a well considered blog post that a week.

Call (713) 465-0051 to contact Houston SEO Experts at Directory One. If you don’t have a blog yet, don’t let that stop you from calling. We can set up an SEO friendly blog for you that matches the design of your website. We know how to help you optimize your website’s blog today!

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