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  April 26, 2011   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO   Philip O'Hara

Your Houston SEO knows that one of the most important elements to enhance a website through Houston Search Engine Optimization is compiling a list of well ranking relevant keywords for meta embedding.

First, make a list of main words that encompass the purpose of company. An ideal keyword for search would include at least two words, but not more than three words. Two word searches in the Google AdWords Keyword Tool include all variations on the phrase if it were expanded to include three words in a Google search

Natural Search Engine Optimization is meant to work intuitively in linking a visitor to the site they are looking for. People use search engines to access information that they are going to put into their own words. This is an important thing to keep in mind throughout the process of keyword research for online lead generation. Thus, it is best to try as many variations on phrases that the customers might be looking for as possible, and narrow the search to relevant words. For example, if I am hunting for Easter Eggs on the internet, selecting only the word “Easter” as a keyword would be too broad. Many people who Google “Easter” on the Internet may not be hunting for Easter Eggs. “Easter Egg” would be a more appropriate keyword search, and “Easter Egg Hunt” would really hit the nail on the head. Most people who Google “Easter Egg Hunt” on the Internet are looking for the same thing as the Houston SEO Consultant who is helping potential customers find relevant content presented on your webpage by a Houston writer.

Some keywords are too broad to try to rank under – the global competition is simply too high! Thus, the next thing your Houston Marketing Consultant will do is expand the keyword list to include any services and locations the company supplies. Including locations helps narrow the search. For example, 55 million global searches were made for “restaurant” last month, 201 thousand for “houston restaurant,” and 9,900 were made for “downtown Houston restaurant.”

For some clients whose customers are not looking for local products, such as those which only exist online or offer specialized industry manufactured products, location may not be as relevant to organic searching. However for much online lead generation, location is quite relevant. For example if someone is moving to a new house in Houston or moving from Houston to another city, he or she is probably going to buy those boxes from a store based in Houston rather than order them from a stock supplier online. Who chooses to pay for shipping on a local product intended to house shipping objects? Not many people.

Once the most relevant keywords are selected, they are then embedded within your web pages. Search engines read this metadata, content and links to help determine organic rankings. Over time, as customers access the optimized information, the Houston Web Marketing Company helps your web page climbs in ranking and makes its way toward the first page of the organic directory.

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