3 good reasons why internal links shouldn’t be ignored

  October 23, 2013
  Category :     SEO Link Building
  Philip O'Hara
Internal links are hyperlinks to another page on the website. When the reader clicks on a word or phrase, the user is taken to another page on the site. SEO writing protocols are a fundamental in Houston SEM companies. New content developers often wonder why there is a requirement for "x" number of internal links. After all, shouldn’t the focus...

Content writing in a word

  October 18, 2013
  Category :     Content Development | SEO Content Development
  Philip O'Hara
Are you shamelessly obsessed with reading other writers’ internet content? I know I am. I’m one of those obsessive-compulsive folks who will read anything. And keep reading … to a point. "Content is king". I’ll bet you a million, correction, 50 cents because most writers aren’t Spielberg, that you’ve heard that cliché. The content developer’s mantra, repeated like "om". Our...

How SEM & SEO choose your internet marketing company

  October 12, 2013
  Category :     Search Engine Marketing | SEM
  Philip O'Hara
Did you know that search engine marketing and search engine optimization determine your choice of internet marketing companies? Most Houston business owners expect the internet to increase sales. They erroneously assume a website will skyrocket their bottom line overnight. When the phone doesn’t start ringing or online sales go up, they find an internet marketing company to help. Business owners...

Improving your Backlinking Strategy: Identifying Bad Links

  August 9, 2013
  Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   SEO Link Building
  Philip O'Hara
Have you noticed your website's rank take a slow dive into the depth of Google search results in the past year? This may be due to one of Google's algorithm updates, called Penguin. This update emphasizes good backlinks and punishes sites that have bad links coming to them. So what does Google deem as "bad" backlinks? This is essential if...

Why is online content promotion so … challenging?

  August 9, 2013
  Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing
  Philip O'Hara
When I was in school in Houston, I learned that the 4 P’s of marketing are Product Place Price Promotion Don’t get bored yet. Online content promotion is the crucial part of internet marketing. You already have your first 3 Ps. Your website contains pages that get your business and products found, along with all the other advertising things you...