PPC Campaign Management: Simplify your Life!

  December 26, 2012
  Category :     Pay Per Click Marketing | PPC Management,   SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing
  Philip O'Hara
Need more traffic to your website? Pay per click advertisements (PPC) are a sure-fire way to put your site on the front page of Google. Pay per click advertisements are listed first or on the margin of the search results and are usually boxed off in another color. A web user will spot these search results first, thereby increasing traffic...

Email Scam Holiday Update

  December 23, 2012
  Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing,   SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting
  Philip O'Hara
Email scams and internet scams are a real pain at any time of the year, but seem to really come out of the woodwork during the holidays. Promotional strategies seem to be a little more inventive this year than in previous years. An internet server company located in Vancouver, WA (United States, not Canada) has been using some slick email...

Google Bot Chrome: How to Use it in Your Favor

  December 18, 2012
  Category :     Internet Marketing News,   Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   Web Design | Website Redesign
  Philip O'Hara
The way Google crawls your page has serious implications for how your website ranks, meaning our search engine optimization techniques must adjust accordingly. The newest GoogleBot Chrome is not simply a text-based crawler like the ones of the past, but attempts to emulate users interacting with the site. While GoogleBot has been executing Jacvascript and hitting URLs that the Javascript...

Blogging & The Rise of Penguin Assassins

  December 17, 2012
  Category :     Blogging | SEO Blogging,   Google News
  Philip O'Hara
Penguin assassins out to get your website’s blog? You would think from the many movies that have come out recently that these critters are by no way, shape, means, or form mass-murderers. Yet that’s what many SEO folks would have you believe. Penguins are natural-born website killers. Google announced the new Penguin algorithm last April. The algorithm was meant to...

Internet Copyright Top 5 Tips

  December 9, 2012
  Category :     SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting
  Philip O'Hara
Internet copyright law is a large part of web content writing. How do I know? Well, I took a test this week so that I could add a certification to my credentials as a professional web copy writer. I’ll be honest, it didn’t go too well. It was a shock, because the last test I flunked was a differential equations...