Cuil: What’s In A Search Engine Name?

  August 1, 2008
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By Brenda Ross Search Engine Optimizer The newest Google slayer in Search Engine Land is called Cuil (pronounced Cool). Cuil boasts that it is the World's Biggest Search Engine because it "has indexed 120 billion Web pages - three times more than any other search engine." So one would think that means better search results than Google - right? Well,...

Over-Optimization- SEO Gone Wild

  July 31, 2008
  Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO
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Eric Brantner SEO Writer The last couple of years have been an exciting time in the world of SEO. Many businesses are now starting to realize the importance of website optimization, and they are implementing basic SEO techniques on their website. I'm all for SEO increasing in popularity, but I've started to see an ugly side of it- websites that...

How to Build Trust with Your Customers

  July 30, 2008
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In today's online marketplace, building trust with potential customers is a necessity. Consumers are already wary of getting scammed online, and anything on your website that gives them reason to distrust you will scare them away permanently. For this reason, it's essential you take the steps necessary to earn your visitor's trust. These guidelines will help you get on the...

The Economy is Struggling: How do SEO Marketers Respond?

  July 29, 2008
  Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing,   Search Engine Optimization | SEO
  Philip O'Hara
Author: April Hall Copywriter Turn on the news, and you'll soon learn that the American economy is struggling mightily. Home values are plummeting, unemployment is skyrocketing, energy prices are through the roof and the government is building a deficit faster than clocks can keep up with it. Is it any wonder that businesses are struggling to keep their profits up...

Don’t Ignore your Loyal Website Content Readers While you are Attracting New Ones

  July 28, 2008
  Category :     SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting
  Philip O'Hara
Author: April Hall Copywriter The goal of every search engine marketing company is to attract new viewers to their clients' websites. All sorts of SEO strategies are employed, from targeting popular keywords, to implementing long tail keywords, to using social media sites as a means of page promotion. There is so much opportunity to attract the millions of internet searchers...