9 Viral Video Strategies

  August 21, 2008
  Category :     Video Marketing
  Philip O'Hara
By Herb Firestone Marketing Coordinator Today's videos both present the same message, namely, in order to create a viral video, you need strategic marketing. The first is a CNN interview with Stanford University student Dan Ackerman Greenberg, who at age 22. already owns three Internet businesses. [youtube] Dan Ackerman Greenberg Talks Viral Videos on CNN [youtube] The second is a...

Be Careful of Link Building Scams

  August 21, 2008
  Category :     SEO Link Building
  Directory One
Eric Brantner SEO Content Writer If you have Gmail, you're probably familiar with the targeted advertisements that are constantly thrown your way every time you check your mail. Admittedly, some of these links are of great interest to me. Recently, there was one advertisement that really piqued my interest. It was an ad promising over 1,000 one way links to...

Using Twitter for Your Business

  August 19, 2008
  Category :     Social Networking
  Directory One
Eric Brantner SEO Content Writer Social networking has become the newest tool in the brand building arsenal. Many would argue that Twitter is the hottest social network on the scene. For this reason, businesses are Tweeting their hearts out with the hopes that they'll have a stronger brand at the end of the day. To help you make the most...

7 Questions to Ask Your SEO Provider

  August 18, 2008
  Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO
  Directory One
Eric Brantner SEO Content Author Choosing an SEO provider is one of the most important marketing decisions your company will ever make. Choose the wrong agency, and you'll end up flushing money down the toilet. But if you choose the right SEO company, you will see an increase in brand exposure and sales. For this reason, I have come up...

August 15th Friday Internet Marketing Roundup

  August 15, 2008
  Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing
  Directory One
Eric Brantner SEO Content Writing After last Friday's pilot episode of Internet Marketing Roundup, we are back for a second installment. Like I explained last week, the point of this roundup is to provide a one stop shop for the best internet marketing posts from the past week on both our blog and those from around the web. This week,...