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Houston SEO Social Bookmarking

Houston SEO Social Bookmarking

Houston Search Engine Optimization How to Create Social Bookmarks

Houston SEO Services know that social bookmarking helps your site rank on SERPs. Social bookmarking is when you save bookmarks to a third party site. The best part about social bookmarking is that once you save the bookmarks to your profile, you can access them from any computer that is connected to the Internet. No longer will you be limited to a single browser or machine! You can also add tags to your bookmarks, and make them private to your profile or public for all users to see. Of course, public bookmarks are best suited to Houston web marketing. These public social bookmarks can be shared by and with other profiles on the social bookmarking site.

Houston SEO Social Bookmarking Services

Houston Internet Marketing uses several different services to create social bookmarks. Here are a few of the most popular services:
1. Digg
2. Del.icio.us
3. StumbleUpon
4. Reddit
5. Squidoo

My personal favorite social bookmarking service is Del.icio.us. Go to the Del.icio.us homepage. Here you can create a Del.icio.us account with your Yahoo! Account, or create one from scratch. Fill in the information and follow the directions to create the account. You can even import existing bookmarks from your browser, or multiple browsers, and finally get them all organized in one place!

Once you’ve logged in to your new social bookmarking account, follow the directions to add the “Bookmark on Delicious” link to your browser quick links. You can click this link from any page to quickly create a bookmark within your delicious account. Test it out by clicking the link now. A bookmark to this page should pop up. The “Title” is what will appear within your bookmarks to describe the site. “Tags” is where you should write words that relate to the site content. For example, for the Directory One Blog you could write “houston search engine optimization marketing seo sem blog.” All of these words are great tags to describe the content of this blog. After you create the tags you want to describe the page, hit “Save.”
A list of your tags will always be on the right side of your delicious bookmarks page. You can click these links to view all the sites you have bookmarked for each category.

Above the list of your tags is a list of four blue links. Click on “Save a new bookmark” to list a new URL. “Create public profile” manages the way you appear to the public. “Bulk edit” allows you to add tags, manage, and delete multiple sites in your bookmarks. “Browse these bookmarks” is especially useful when you visit other people in your network. When you click this link, delicious minimizes to a navigation toolbar at the top of your web page. Click the left and right arrows to browse through someone’s bookmarks.

One of the best features of social bookmarking is finding out what other people are bookmarking. Check out my social bookmarks here. To add me to your network, on the top right of my profile page, under the Search bar, is a blue link that says “Add to my Network.” Go ahead and click this link. Take some time to browse through my links and feel free to bookmark the ones that are useful to you. Please send me a message to let me know what you think.

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