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Houston mobile website design company, Directory One, can bring your business into the 21st century by creating a mobile website. The web has gone mobile and a good business owner adjusts to the times. Allow potential costumers to locate your business on the go and legitimize your business with a mobile website designed by Houston SEO and internet marketing company, Directory One!

See the difference?

Mobile Web Design Strategy

Houston mobile website design company, Directory One, will help you identify the goals for your mobile website. Do you need to create a whole new website or simply redesign your desktop website so that it is compatible for mobile devices? What are the main business objectives of the mobile website?

Since mobile websites require a more simple navigation system, it is important to only focus on their primary business objectives. For example, instead of having a system where you could buy products, the mobile website may simply aim at displaying the products the business offers coupled with a strong call to action to visit the store.

Moreover, Directory One, specializes in search engine optimization analytics. With our expertise, Directory One can pinpoint which mobile devices and which browsers people are using to access your website. This allows us to cater our mobile website design towards your customers preferences.

SEO Website Design

Finally, we will use our search engine optimization techniques to increase your Google ranking and increase the visibility of your website. Moreover, Directory One is a search engine marketing company that is dedicated to building links to your website to increase traffic to your website.

Houston mobile website design company, Directory One, would love to develop your mobile website. Give us a call at (713) 465-0051 or visit us at 9135 Katy Freeway, Suite 204.

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