Helpful Tips for a Houston Website Redesign

  May 21, 2013   Category :     Web Design | Website Redesign   Philip O'Hara

A company’s website should be an accurate representation of its values and services. Furthermore, it should also attract potential customers and convert views to actual calls and visits. Whether your website never made it to the first page of search results or its been the first listing for years, at some point you will need to update the outdated look of your website. Directory One wants to make sure your website presents the best image of your company. Here are some helpful tips when planning your Houston website redesign.

Houston website redesign

Houston website redesign

A Slick Layout

You can usually purchase templates online at sites like or you can have a web designer create a unique, custom layout from scratch. Search engines rank your website on what they call the “user experience”. A sleek layout with a simple navigation system will make it easier for a visitor to find what they are looking for, not to mention that it is easier on the eyes than those old school layouts!

Update Content

You want to make sure that all the content on your website is up to date and relevant to the services or products you currently specialize in. The majority of the Houston website redesigns we do are for businesses that are changing the focus of their services or expanding their services. This means we need to remove old content and add new, optimized content that embodies the current state of your company. If you relocate, it is also important to change the address listed on your site, whatever maps you have, and to adjust the content to match the colloquial language and knowledge of that region.

Make Sure to Update your Site Map

The site map is basically the skeleton of your website. It outlines all the pages and lists them all into one page. Site maps are also great for SEO purposes because it helps search engines notice when you’ve added or removed content. Updating your sitemap will reduce the amount of time it takes Google to crawls and index the changes to your website! This means that the changes you have made will begin to affect (hopefully improve) your site sooner, rather than later.

Add Graphics

There is nothing more boring than a website that is purely text. Add video and pictures where you can to make your website interactive and visually appealing. Make sure not to go overboard though! Robots can’t read images, so all important text, such as contact information, needs to be actually written on the website and not on a picture. Also avoid pop-ups and distracting graphics that will make your website seem cheesy or spammy.

Avoid a Complete Identity Change

Unless you are trying to rebrand yourself, you want to make sure that existing customers and clients don’t get too confused when they visit your new website. Make sure to keep the same logo and slogan so that people do not think that you have been bought out or gone out of business.

For more helpful tips or to consult a specialist about a Houston website redesign, please call Directory One at 713.465.0051.

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