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  September 9, 2009   Category :     Domains   Philip O'Hara

Did you know that even your domain name choice should be optimized? Before you even purchase the domain name for the website you are going to build or have built, you should call the offices of Directory One at 713-465-0051 if you don’t want to miss out on a very important piece of the successful website optimization puzzle.

Your domain name makes a difference for the search engine recognition that you want to receive to get your business to boom.

It also makes a huge difference to your customers.

CTR stands for click through rate. Recent studies have shown a significant difference in the click through rate of an optimized domain name verses one that is merely chosen on the whim of the business owner or chosen to coincide with the company name.

If you have great web content, like you would if you contacted Directory One for web content writing help, your website will show up well in search results regardless. However, the domain name is a hugely important piece of the puzzle and you can speed up your progress if you begin your Internet marketing journey the right way and contact the friendly SEO experts at Directory One before even purchasing your domain name to build your website with.

At Directory One, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry and maintain a staff of SEO expert web designers, SEO content writers who care as much about the quality of their writing as they do the optimization, which is key to getting read, as well as expert SEO analysts leading the way in the Internet marketing industry and helping businesses to grow with the advanced opportunities that our technologically advanced world has to offer.

A recent Google survey questioned a large group of people regarding their feeling as to whether or not the domain name still matters in optimization. Although you can search this topic on-line and find a number of supposed SEO experts who claim that it doesn’t matter one bit….what is interesting is that more than 75% of those surveyed believe it is critically important. Studies have also proven domain name importance as well.

Personally, my research has shown me that anyone who thinks that the domain name is completely irrellevant is not paying a whole lot of attention to SEO results.

Certainly it is true that you can optimize a website without an optimized domain. But you can also turn a blue shirt white by bleaching it properly. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a lot easier to just go ahead and buy a white shirt to begin with.

So for those who already have their domain names, there is no reason to dismay, your website can still be a powerful marketing tool with the help of the experienced website optimization and Internet marketing company, Directory One . But for those who have yet to purchase a domain name, give Directory One a call and start your advertising campaign with the best toolset you can get.

There are many different ways in which we can assist you in getting a jumpstart on your Internet marketing plan. One of these is in assisting you with your domain name for SEO choice.

Call Directory One today at 713-465-0051 and take the guesswork out of your advertising campaign. Utilize our services for the smallest to the largest piece of your business advertising plan.

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