How To Tell the Difference Between Copywriting & Copyediting

  February 3, 2013   Category :     SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting   Philip O'Hara

The difference between copywriting and copyediting is sometimes difficult to discern. Writers and editors view their skills as unique and separate, but both professions are overlap. So just how do you know which professional you need?

Copywriters and copyeditors work side by side. Both are important to what you see on your website. Don’t get the two confused, because you will need to know who to speak with when it comes to the written word on your website.

Copywriting Is New Content

Usually, if you are developing new content, new articles, or a new blog, you will need a copywriter. The writer is the person who composes marketing and advertising content for your website. The writer is the one selling your business, product/service, opinion, or idea to the public.

  1. He or she skillfully uses the gift of words to create compelling text. The message is conveyed to the reader using as few words as possible. The copy must capture the visitor’s interest and persuade the reader to buy your product, service, or story.
  2. The copywriter’s job is to direct internet traffic to your website using keywords and key phrases. More traffic increases a website’s presence in the search results when the keyword or phrase is typed in the browser search box. More traffic means the possibility of more leads.
  3. A good copywriter gets the message across in as few words as possible. The objective is to be clear and concise. Many times this is a difficult task. A copywriter will spend hours revising and rewording his text to get the message exactly right, using as few words as possible.

Copyediting is Content Revision

If you need the text on your website revised, you need a copyeditor. Copyediting is seen as more intensive than copywriting because it requires a keen eye for detail, as well as requiring good writing skills. Most of us think that copyediting is only correcting spelling and grammar, but in actuality it is much, much more.

  1. Copyeditors ensure that all the facts that are portrayed or reported are accurate. They must close the informational and logical gaps. Oftentimes, this involves quite a bit of research to make sure that the facts are from legitimate sources.
  2. Copyeditors improve the copywriter’s work. They adjust writing style to fit the tone of your website. They refine the words to transmit a clearer call to action. Editors must clarify jargon, terminology, and semantics to make technical aspects easy to understand.
  3. Editors also ensure that the copy is in adherence to the publisher’s style. They may shorten or lengthen copy to fit publisher limits or add headlines and subheadings for visual relief. In short, copyeditors make sure eye pleasing text appears on your website.

In summary, there are vast differences between copywriting and copyediting. Talk to a copywriter if you need completely new print on your website. A writer will develop your content to compel a reader’s interest and stimulate the visitor’s urge to buy. Speak with a copyeditor if the words are not quite right or you webpages don’t look “pretty”.

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